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I'm miri ^^ i love music ♫ and lots of other things ♥
besides that, I think that you'll only find my "drawings" here... nothing interesting ✿

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Any favorite Norwegian words?




forelsket (Norwegian)


n. lit. ‘pre-love’; the euphoria you experience when you are first falling in love


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Finally, I can present you my little comic ‘Hearts for Sale’. These are the first 10 pages.
I’m very nervous about this since it’s my first self-published book. I hope you like the story.
Read Part 2/ Part 3

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This is part 2 of my little comic Hearts for Sale.
Read Part 1/ Part 3
A printed version will be available soon. (See here for more information)
I really hope you like this part as well orz

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Last part of my comic ‘Hearts for Sale’
Read Part 1/ Part 2
This might not be what you expected. I’m sorry to keep a lot of questions unanswered. I hope you can fill in the gaps for yourself.

How did you like my story? What do you think it all means? Please do share your experiences and thoughts, I would love to hear them! I have three different theories myself and if you want I can make a post collecting all theories? Thank you for all your support! Your lovely messages are a huge motivation to me!
A printed version will be available soon. (See here for more information)

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クラッシュワルツ by ユギ